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Waverunners and Parasailing Experiences

cameraAt Fly N High Waverunners and Parasailing we make it our goal to insure that you have the time of your life. Whether you ride one of our Waverunner Jet Ski rentals in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, or ride our Deluxe Parasailing Adventure with an unbelievable view of the Pinellas County beaches, we guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Friendly Staff

thumb_upThe Fly N High waverunner and parasailing crew’s goal is to keep you safe and help you have the time of your life while you enjoy renting a Waverunner, riding our Deluxe Parasail Adventure or one of the many other adventures Fly N High waverunners and parasailing has to offer. Although they each come from different parts of the country and the world, Fly N High’s crew shares the same passion and love for Water Sports…and they look forward to sharing it with you.

The Latest Equipment

settingsFly N High waverunners and parasailing offers the latest state of the art rental equipment and safety features. All of our Waverunner Jetskis have vessel safety inspections. Both of our 12-passenger parasailing boats are United State Coast Guard inspected, ensuring that no matter what Waverunner, Jetski or Parasailing Boat you are on you will have a wonderful and safe experience while on your vacation or holiday.

waverunners and parasailing, jet ski rentals

Jet Ski Adventure

Get ready for a thrilling ride when you climb aboard one of our New SEADOO Waverunner Jet Skis! 
There’s no better way to explore the John’s Pass coastal area or the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico than on a Fly N High waverunner jetski . And what a huge area to explore, Head North from Madeira Beach all the way to Redington fishing pier just South of Clearwater Beach, Or head South through Treasure Island and the beautiful sandy beaches of St Pete Beach, our riding area covers over 15 miles of Fun and Excitement.

waverunners and parasailing, jet ski rentals

Fun for ALL Ages

That’s right!!!! We can accommodate all ages on our waverunner Jet Ski rides and for our Parasailing adventures*. All of our staff has the knowledge to know everything from what size life jacket to fit you with and where to sit on our waverunners, to what size harness and how high you should fly on our parasail boat. So sit back and enjoy your time with us, any age can have the time of their life.

*We require at least 30 lbs of weight in the parasailing harness

waverunners and parasailing, jet ski rentals

Ready for Liftoff

Prepare for the ride of a lifetime. You’ll begin parasailing seated on the back deck of the boat, with a life 
jacket on and a harness attached. As the parasail boat begins to accelerate its up into the air you go on your parasailing adventure. A free fall and dip are available for those who are even more adventurous, be sure and ask the crew-if you’re game. Or, you can stay dry the entire time. At the end of your parasailing ride you’ll safely land standing on the back deck of our parasail boat with the help of the Mate.

waverunners and parasailing, jet ski rentals

We Speak Pirate!

ARGGGH! Ye may never have so much fun walking the plank, land lubbers. Some accounts have John the pirate sailing the Gulf of Mexico collecting treasure. On September 27, 1848 a hurricane passed through the area now known as Madeira Beach and destroyed much of the shoreline. John the pirate was sailing his ship homeward and looking for a way to pass through back to safe harbors. Theorists agree that he might have been looking for Blind Pass, or even Pass-a-Grille, but instead he found a more northerly opening never seen before. It was from this time that the new opening was to be called John’s Pass in honor of John LeVeque the pirate.

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